Renewing dignity and hope for the future one shower at a time….

Who We Are

ReNew Mobile Showers is a (501c3) non-profit. organization  that provides showers, laundry services, and hygiene kits to our displaced neighbors. We partner with community organizations to supplement already established services.

What we Do

Our mobile shower and laundry service team travels out into the community meeting our unhoused neighbors where they are. The shower service includes everything needed to feel fresh, clean, and rejuvenated. Guest are offered towels, a variety of personal hygiene items/toiletries, undershirts, bras, socks, and any other seasonal items. Our laundry service provides all laundry products. We assist our guests with connecting to other community assistance resources. We educate the public about homelessness to help dispel common myths.

Why We Serve

ReNew Mobile Showers is working toward bridging the gap between current day and homeless shelter access. Specifically handwashing, restroom, shower, and laundry facilities. Our focus is reaching our neighbors that live on the street, in encampments, cars, or parks.

Providing Mobile Showers & Hygiene To Those In Need

Homelessness carries a stigma that is often associated with a particular population or economic standing. The truth is, it can impact people from all backgrounds and walks of life. A job loss, serious illness, mental illness, child/domestic abuse, a significant life change, or a natural disaster are just a few of many the reasons people find themselves homeless. Young adults aging out of foster care (18-24) are also disproportionally affected.

Our homeless neighbors often lack access to clean water and sanitation, a basic human right.

Being unable to maintain personal hygiene increases their risk for all sort of communicable diseases and infections.  Hepatitis, TB, HIV/AIDS, STDs/infections, scabies, head/body lice, influenza, and covid as well as other acute and chronic illnesses are seen at an increased rate in this population. 

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Disposable Bathing Cloths
Pairs of Socks
Hand Sanitizer
Bottles of Lotion
Lip Balms
Bars of Soap
Body Washes
Shampoo / Conditioner
Feminine Products